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This work represents my most truthful experiences from life. In it I reunite a variety of ideas based in my impressions when traveling around Mediterranean Coast. My commitment with this work goes beyond expectations, as I owe to the public all my vitality on the stage, no matter if we play for three or a big bunch of people.

I started studying Classical and Modern music both in Valencia Conservatory of Music and CODARTS Rotterdam. Once graduated, I specialized on Turkish “Ney” flute and Otoman music with Ömer Erdoğdular, as well as Arabic “Ney” flute in Cairo Conservatory of Music with Mahmoud Kamal and Mohamed Fouda. In 2007 I released my first recording leading JAZZ-7, a contemporaneous Jazz band. I also collaborated with several style bands from Jazz to Hip-hop, Brazilian, Classical, Mediterranean and Medieval Music.

  • TARIQ – Sedajazz Records 2019
  • JAZZ 7 – Enjazzats Records 2007
  • Ramón Cardo Big BandPer l’altra banda, Xàbia Jazz 2002
  • Amadeu AdellAEDO, Snibor Records, 2005
  • Enjazzats Big Band – Sarabandangui, Enjazzats Records, 2006
  • Esteve Molero & Cia. Catalana de Latin Jazz – Rumba pa’ Angá, Elukeyá Records 2007
  • Thaïs Morell – Cancioneira, Sedajazz Records 2012
  • Nacho PeredaY los chatarreros del amor, Maldito Records 2012
  • AljubEn minúscules, La sibil·la 2012
  • Albert Sanz Russafa Ensemble, Comboi Records 2012
  • La Fera Ferotge – El món no avança, gira, Right here right now 2013
  • Mara ArandaShephardic Legacy, Bureo 2013
  • Thaïs MorellAmarila, Sedajazz Records 2015
  • Cristina BlascoSemilla Negra, Sedajazz Records 2015
  • Mara ArandaMare Vostrum, Picap 2015
  • Nacho PeredaContacto, Maldito Records 2015
  • Ales CesariniNyabinghi, Sedajazz Records 2016
  • Jota Martínez EnsembleInstrumentos de la tradición medieval española, Círculo Rojo 2017
  • Carles DéniaCant Espiritual Ausiàs March, Carles Dénia Música 2017
  • Cristina BlascoCom un gust meu, Sólidos Music 2018

TARIQ (Path in Arabic)

Tariq is not a path from point A to B,
but from inside out.
Tariq is a celebration, a dance.
The magical encounter between
Arabic and Valencian cultures.
Tariq is the beginning. A significative learning.
The point of no return.

Efrén López

Ales Cesarini

Andrés Belmonte

David Gadea


Tariq brings together Andres Belmonte’s latest musical expressions, inspired from his trips around the Mediterranean.

From Egyptian, Arabic and Ottoman Music to his inner Valencian roots mixed with his Jazz knowledge. He has filtered all this singularity art expression by his own feelings and perceptions, where each “maqam” or mode has its own colour, and each rhythm its suggestive walk. 









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